As part of our ongoing commitment to responsibility, we are continually striving for greater transparency when it comes to the environmental features of our products. From the first sketches of a new idea, to when a product leaves our warehouse gates, until the recycling of each component, we always consider responsibility. As one of our environmental goals is prioritizing long life-cycle products, all Martela products are designed to be long-lasting and safe to use.

Read more about Martela's work on environmental impact of products (pdf)

Measuring carbon footprint

Carbon Footprint is one measurement we can use to indicate a product’s impact on the environment. This is why Martela has started to measure a product’s carbon footprint up until it leaves our warehouse gates; and as well as giving values, we also want to give the information behind these values.

As one of the first companies to provide this level of transparency, we want to offer our customers the knowledge of our products’ carbon footprints and help them understand the impact they have on the environment.