Sono & PodBooth
Are you a solo, a duo or a quartet?

Our selection of phone booths and meeting modules make sure there is a peaceful place to meet regardless of your assembly. Sono and PodBooth are ideal for taking calls, whereas PodBooth Duo is perfect for parties of two as a workspace or meeting room. PodBooth Meeting, on the other hand, provides a quiet space for small groups to meet in peace.

Create optimal meeting spaces with our WaaS model

Service model only available in Finland, Sweden and Norway!

Instead of investing, you can also rent phone booths and meeting modules inexpensively with our Workplace as a Service (WaaS) model. The price includes booth delivery, installation and a flexible rental service, so you can add or remove booths nimbly as needed and the monthly rental amount will live accordingly. The service model utilises the circular economy, as furniture that is no longer needed is refurbished, if needed, and recycled for the next user.

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Optimal for every assembly