What kind of chairs are you sitting on?
Office chairs have a crucial impact on efficiency, wellbeing and comfort at work. Chairs that are in a good condition, ergonomically designed and highly adjustable prevent work-related physical symptoms, which leads to reduced absence due to illness.

James task chairs

During the office chair survey an expert from Martela will check the condition, usability and potential maintenance needs of all the office chairs in the workplace. We will then compile the results and recommended actions into a clear condition report.

Up-to-date data on the maintenance, replacement and recycling needs of your chairs will help you plan ahead in a logical way. Skilled maintenance will extend the life of your chairs: you can for example reupholster a chair if it is still in good condition. If required, it is easy to replace your chairs and recycle the old ones through Martela.

  • A condition report lists the maintenance, replacement and recycling needs of your chairs.
  • A clear overall picture and recommended actions support your decision-making.
  • Good maintenance and reupholstering will reduce the need for new purchases.
  • Extending the useful life of your furniture will reduce the environmental impact and save money.