The Dynamic Storage solution brings storage close to the user, where it is needed.
In activity-based environments few employees use the storage space at the same time – half only use it rarely, and a surprising number of people never use it at all. When we can monitor the use of storage space, we can optimise the amount of space to match actual requirements and react flexibly to changing needs. Users appreciate that they can always access storage near their chosen workstation and that they do not have to waste work time on finding storage and issues with keys. Visitors appreciate a place to leave their personal belongings during the visit that is managed by phone.

The electronic locking system and centralised administrative solutions make it possible to monitor storage locker reservations and rate of utilisation, which makes it easy to position furniture and optimise the amount of storage. The solution is easy to use with a mobile phone or RFID card, and the remote management and integration features reduce the time spent on maintenance, which becomes almost automatic.

    Main benefits:

    • Supports work in many kinds of working environments, schools, lobbies, hospitals, and offices, and enables flexible use of space for different groups of users.
    • More efficient rate of utilisation: up to 30–60% fewer lockers compared to lockers using keys, codes or key cards.
    • A sufficient number of lockers is guaranteed, and the number is optimised through the use of data and analysis. No unnecessary purchases or investments.
    • Effortless and easy maintenance enables smarter use of time and resources.
    • Electronic – no batteries, so no need for constant battery changes. An environmentally friendly and responsible choice.
    • Electronic locking system, SaaS
    • Several users and user groups and different access rights
    • Part of the decor, aesthetically pleasing

    • Works with different types of RFID cards and, for example, with a PIN number or smartphone app

    • Report option and easy, centralised browser-based maintenance

    • Touch-free, no disruptive handles