In the production of lifecycle services and smart solutions Martela collaborates with the best international talent in the field.


Condeco is an international pioneer in the area of workspace management and software for booking conference rooms and workspaces. For 15 years Condeco has helped companies all over the world enable flexible work and an efficient use of resources and offer a functional workplace which meets future needs.


DLL is a global vendor finance company that provides asset-based financial solutions in a variety of industries. For Martela, DLL is a partner which allows our customers to access our Workplace as a Service (WaaS) model. In a rapidly changing world, the needs of tomorrow are difficult to predict. The flexible WaaS model based on the circular economy is a smart way to prepare for longer-term changes as well.


Haltian is a global IoT and product development company from Finland. The aim of the company’s Empathic Building service is to increase office workers’ levels of happiness and enjoyment in their workplaces. The service is centred around a browser-based app which helps people find the space that is best suited to each task in an activity-based environment by using what is known as a digital twin. The app allows users to have a say in how the facilities are managed and developed by supporting interaction between different parties.


Rapal offers real-time data, workplace analytics and SaaS-based services for facilities management professionals by using innovative technology which can be used to manage workplaces and make complex decisions based on data, as well as optimise expenses, space requirements, employee experiences and environmental performance.

Trail Systems

Our Furniture Management (Dynamic Asset Management) service is offered in collaboration with Trail Systems. Trail is a data system created to manage furniture, and it makes it easy and efficient to manage furniture data, such as office furniture data, in a centralised way.


Vecos is an experienced long-term market leader in smart locking systems for office and learning environments. Their first-class electronic locks and varied SaaS-based control system ensure an excellent customer experience, save costs and automate storage management even in challenging environments.

Visma Megaflex 

Visma Megaflex offers modern service solutions to manage people’s access in different kinds of buildings. The company produces innovative services and software for access control, time tracking, room reservations and visitor management.