GDL objects (ArchiCAD)

All available GDL objects are downloadable as an ArchiCad library (version D, 03/23/2021, 135 MB).

Revit objects

Alku tables, Alku S&S and Alku folding table Axia, James and Logic task chairs
Big cabinets Bit series
Capa cabinets Chat table
Combo cabinets Cube sofas
Cupio pedestals Drop stools
Face screens Form chairs
Frankie tables Kaari coat rack
Kari chairs Kilta chairs
Kombi shelving systems Nooa sofas
Noora sofas Oona, Scoop and Trailer tables
Pinta EQB electrical adjustable desk Pinta I tables
Pinta II tables Plus+ welfare chairs
PodBooth and PodBooth Meeting PodLounge
PodSeat and PodSofa PodMeeting, PodMeeting Cove and PodMeeting Xpress
PodWork and PodWork Xpress Snap table and transport & storage trolley
Sola chairs Sola Beam chairs
Sola Lounge chairs Spot tables
Ziggy active stool  
Other standard products (Aktiv, Trivia, Beatbox, Minibeat, Tetrabag, TiiPii, Catchbag, Diagonal, Movie, Bit series, Grip NxT chairs as well as Salmiakki, Triangle, Pentago and Trivia Light tables)

Last updated 18 August 2020 / Updated Noora sofas and added Capa cabinets.

Other available 3D objects

2D DWG, 3D DWG and 3DS files are also available as product specific zipped packages. Click the CAD SYMBOLS link on Product pages; e.g. Kilta.

Material libraries

Martela Standard Fabrics 2019 - bitmaps
Martela Standard Fabrics 2019.adsklib
Martela Standard Fabrics 2019 REVIT17 project (same content as in *.adsklib)
Martela Inspiring Colours.adsklib
Martela Inspiring Colours REVIT17 project (same content as in *.adsklib)
Martela Laminates.adsklib

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