It's time to unleash the full potential of your employees!
It’s time to help them to focus better and work more efficiently. We know offices like the backs of our hands, and we can also help you optimise your workplace to suit your work.

We design business premises based on knowledge rather than guesswork. Together with the management, we define goals for the change by listening to the needs of the staff and supporting the supervisors in the commissioning of the new premises. We make sure that your work environment is just the right size and that there are the right types of spaces for different tasks.

A sustainable workplace is efficient and serves its users.
When the specification of your company’s needs has been done professionally and the facilities have been designed to meet the users’ real needs, the use of space is optimal in terms of both functionality and size. Sustainability means, for example, that energy is not wasted on heating or lighting unused space, furniture is only acquired according to need and the use of space is efficient and appropriate to the purpose.

Unattractive or ineffective spaces lead to underuse and unnecessary visits, and are not a sustainable choice. Therefore, user satisfaction is an important indicator to monitor, alongside efficiency and the utilisation rate.
Expense or investment
With Martela's expert services, rather than being an expense item, a change in your office is an investment that improves employee performance.

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