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Interior design for business premises.
Martela is one of Nordic’s leading interior design companies specialising in furnishing business premises. We have been designing Nordic workplaces and learning environments since 1945. Today our design team consists of more than 20 experienced workplace designers in Finland, Norway and Sweden.

User-driven interior design focusing on the company’s goals.
It is always a good idea to start the project of designing a workplace by defining what the workplace is needed for in the company and what it can be used for. This also applies to learning environments and other public spaces. The premises will always be designed so that they are optimal for their users and to support the activities that take place in the space in the best way possible.

The premises are the body language of a company
A design project can be initiated by a move to new premises or changes taking place within an organisation. It is, however, increasingly common that a company wants to express its values through its premises or make better use of them as part of its leadership culture. The premises are the body language of a company. They are an integral part of its corporate communications.

Interior design services
In our design work, we use methods that include those who will use the space, such as interviews and workshops. We also offer support for change management and an extensive range of services to measure the utilisation rate of your premises.

Well-designed spaces are part of workplace sustainability.
Our workplace design solutions are based on a flexible layout and multipurpose furniture. We use furniture and materials that meet the EN standards for furniture for public indoor spaces and that are designed to be timeless.

As far as possible, we always use existing and recycled furniture. Our goal is to find new uses for high-quality furniture if it is no longer needed for its original purpose. In terms of sustainability, it is important to only manufacture new products for real needs.

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