For us, furnishing learning environments aims to create an environment that inspires to learning. Learning environments are more than just desks and chairs. A requirement for a modern learning environment is that it can be modified quickly and easily. With easy-to-move school furniture spaces are versatile and easy to modify. Whether you want to create a quiet space for study with screens or a place for group work with sofa groups, everything is possible!

Martela’s school furniture and solutions support the changes taking place in learning environments and enable an inspiring learning environment that promotes wellbeing for users of different ages and sizes. The timeless and user-driven design of the furniture, the durable and high-quality structures and the ease of maintenance and cleaning enable us to create long-lasting learning environments. Through functional, multi-locational furniture we can inspire users to try new things and improve their work. Folding tables and movable furniture make it possible to modify the space as needed.

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