Capa - Modular locker cabinet

Capa is a modular cabinet from which units of different heights and widths can be built according to storage needs. There are four tray and door options to choose from. In addition to the traditional key lock, Capa also offers the possibility of several different locking options.

Frames: white melamine
Doors: oak veneer/TA or melamine (white/M1, black/MU16, light grey/MU43, dark grey/MU38, beige/MU37, turquoise/MU32, green/MU31 and orange/MU36)
Extra top: white melamine and oak veneer
Base options: 22 mm black plinth, 100 mm plinth in white melamine or 100 mm black legs
Lock types: without lock, key lock, mechanical code lock, electronic code lock and RFID-lock


Black and white knob handle
Chromed coat hanger holder
Extral shelves
Extra tops
Black and white mail slot to the door
Black and white frame for plants
Seat cushion


- Available in 2-6 towers wide
- 3 different base options
- 4 storage towers and doors of different heights
- Possible to choose towers of different heights next to each other on the same base
- The doors are available with or without a lock
- The cabinet can be finished with additional covers, plant frames or seat cushions
- Coat racks measuring 80 cm and 120 cm and equipped with hanger bars are available for storing clothing