Organisations and ways of working are undergoing a continuous change.
In order to achieve optimum user experience and utilisation rate, each company should review how the working environment is supporting the current way of working on a regular basis and do the required adjustments. Here at Martela we are happy to help. The changes are not necessarily big but they can have a big effect on employee efficiency and wellbeing.

Measuring both the user experience and the utilisation rate is particularly important for maintaining the work environment so that the work environment supports employees and is used optimally. Continuous maintenance and optimisation reduces large change projects and large one-off costs.

Workplace as a Service challenges throwaway culture
Martela’s Workplace as a Service (WaaS) means that your spaces and furniture are always optimal and in efficient use. The service is based on a circular economy approach that minimises environmental impacts.

Furniture that becomes unnecessary is refurbished for its next user. If necessary, furniture is serviced and/or reupholstered before resale. Maximised lifecycles reduce environmental impacts and the carbon footprint.