On this page, you can get acquainted with visionary views on the development of work culture. Current topics reflect the development of work now and in the future. The views are shared by managers for whom the work environment is a tool for strategy implementation, as well as work environment specialists who design flexible, user-driven work environments. The balanced work environments improve employee experience, efficiency and innovation, as well as lower costs. Take a look at the tips below for how to achieve balance in your workplace.

In Sync – Working on the same wavelength

How work environment can be updated to support encounters and collaboration, as well as productivity and working in peace? View our recorded webinars and get inspired!

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What will work be like in 2023 and beyond?
Hybrid work is shaping the future of work, and new needs for change keep arising. We need a window into the future of work, now more so than ever: how is the role of workplaces changing and how can we prepare for change?

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