The third phase is implementation.
We deliver the interior according to the plan. An important part of this phase is introducing the employees to the new way of working in the office. If necessary, we can support your change management by organising the staff information session.

Sustainable solutions and products with minimal environmental impacts

We follow the Waste Nothing principle: we refurbish used furniture for its next owner and minimise the environmental impacts of removals. We provide our employees with continuous training and induction, which lays the foundation for responsible and efficient work.

We organise regular training for our drivers, for example. We also reduce the environmental emissions caused by our transport by choosing more sustainable fuels for our existing and future fleet.

We are committed to promoting circular economy thinking. The Martela Outlet chain, which engages in the resale of used furniture, extends the lifecycle of our products by finding new users for refurbished furniture. We also use reusable components as replacement parts for furniture to be refurbished. Broken components are sorted into fractions and used as energy or recycled raw material.

Product packaging is optimised to prevent damage during transport with as little packaging material as possible. We use packaging materials that are easy to recycle or reuse, and are as light as possible. We mainly use wooden pallets, wooden boards, cardboard and plastic for packing. After reuse, packaging materials are recycled to produce materials or energy.