Catalogue, utilise and recycle!
Martela’s operating methods include utilising existing furniture as much as possible every time we redesign a workplace or learning environment. We make sure that the furniture that is no longer needed is either used elsewhere or recycled, depending on its condition.

A furniture inventory means itemising and cataloguing all the furniture that is in use. Detailed and up-to-date data on the furniture will help you manage its lifecycle in a cost-effective and responsible way. During transformations you can use the furniture as part of the new or updated workplace, move it to a different office, put it in storage, or recycle it.

The Martela Dynamic Asset Management service makes it considerably quicker to complete an inventory. The service allows you to monitor the lifecycle of your fixed assets all the way from investment planning to recycling with the help of chips attached to each item of furniture. It is easy and efficient to implement the service when you invest in new furniture.

Take charge of the lifecycle of your furniture!

  • Map, itemise, catalogue and report the number and usability of your furniture.

  • Maximise the furniture’s lifespan.

  • Minimise unnecessary purchases.

  • Promote the circular economy, sustainability and responsibility.


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