A smart way to care for the environment.
Because of stricter environmental regulations, recycling office furniture requires more time and knowledge, and it is also surprisingly expensive due to the waste disposal charges. Our comprehensive services will take care of your recycling responsibly and easily.

A comprehensive service ensures good results.
Martela will take care of your office furniture recycling planning, collect the furniture and other agreed items for recycling, and carry out all necessary further measures, including recycling reporting. At the agreed time we will see to all the necessary work while making sure you can do your work in peace.

Lifecycle approach right from the start

We already include recycling in the development of new products.
The aim of our system, which is in compliance with the ISO 14001 environmental standard, is to minimise the environmental impact of the furniture. We already include recycling in the development of new products, and under the lifecycle approach we aim to design products that are as long-lasting as possible. We favour renewable materials and take recyclability into account in the technical composition of our products.

Martela Outlet gives furniture a new life.
The furniture in the best condition is sold in the nearest Martela Outlet shop. Items that need to be refurbished, such as office chairs, are serviced and reupholstered.

Almost all materials can be reused.
The furniture that is unfit for use will be dismantled and the components sorted into wood, metal and plastic. The materials will then be utilised either as parts for used furniture, as secondary raw materials or for energy production. Only a fraction of the material will end up in landfill.

Recycling allows us to all to reduce our environmental impact. Recycling also benefits the business:

  • Clear pricing, where Martela takes the risk on behalf of the customer.
  • The service includes everything necessary for proper recycling.
  • Avoid high waste disposal charges.
  • Reduce the cost of storing furniture.