Good ergonomics promotes wellbeing and efficiency.
Physical ergonomics, i.e. correctly adjusted workstations, prevent work-related physical symptoms. Cognitive ergonomics, on the other hand, promote the wellbeing of the brain and maintain alertness. A good design covers both of these aspects.

Working ergonomically requires the opportunity to change working position. A standing desk is on the wish list of more and more knowledge workers. An adjustable desk which can easily be used for both sitting and standing work is a practical solution.

Looking after people through ergonomics.

Well-functioning workplaces and learning environments are designed based on needs and tasks. Instead of just one workstation each, we offer employees and students several custom-made spaces for different requirements: collaboration, concentration, interaction and recreation.

Work ergonomics is not just furniture and adjustments, but also habits. We can guide you in finding good working positions and adjust your furniture.

  • Ergonomics increase wellbeing, efficiency and comfort
  • Easy adjustments adapt workstations to each user’s individual needs
  • Different kinds of spaces encourage users to change working positions and refresh the brain
  • Guidance in correct working positions reduces physical work-related symptoms