Ergonomic home office as a service

The increased amount of remote working due to the pandemic combined with a general long-term trend in the ways we work is likely to reduce the amount of work done at offices in traditional terms.

According to our survey, ergonomics at home offices is often lacking. With occasional remote working, ergonomics is seldom an issue, but the implications are much greater with regular remote working. Long-term remote working increases absences caused by problems with ergonomics.

Now you can help your employees work from home by renting furniture as a flexible service. You will get high-quality electric desks and adjustable task chairs for home office as well as for student workstation. You'll find plenty of ergonomic options for remote workstations, such as examples below.

Work station at home
Rental example
  • Remote workstation with electric desk and task chair from 40€/month/workstation (VAT 0%)
  • Includes delivery and installation
  • Available in the Nordic countries only


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Also, the entire work environment can be acquired as a flexible service,
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