Less furniture waste
Every year, approximately 100 000 tonns of furniture ends up at the landfill in Finland. According to studies, 70–80% of this furniture could be recycled. In 2023 Martela took in 2.6 million kilos of used furniture. Through the Martela Outlet chain, about 23,140 pieces found a new home after cleaning, re-upholstering and maintenance. In addition, about 2,300 pieces of furniture in Finland and about 3,530 pieces of furniture in Sweden found a new user through partners. The rest was recycled as material.

Recycling at Martela
Our repair and maintenance service extends the lifecycle of furniture and prevents the environmental effects of manufacturing new furniture. When the first user no longer needs the it, a chair or a table can be cleaned, re-upholstered and re-built to be yet again a long-lasting and aesthetic piece of furniture. We sell used and repaired furniture in our Martela Outlet Stores around Finland. Our recycling business, which is one of a kind in Europe, supports our customers in building their responsibility.

Furniture recycling

Martela makes local furniture recycling possible.
Furniture in good condition is sold in the closest Outlet Store minimising the carbon footprint generated from transportation. Furniture needing repairs (e.g. task chairs) is taken to our logistics center where it is refurbished and reupholstered. Furniture that cannot be refurbished is dismanteled. The components are sorted into wood-, metal- and plastic materials. Wooden parts are used for energy production. Metals and plastics that can be reused are delivered for industry to be used as raw materials. Upon a request, we provide a recycling report for our customers who have bought recycling service from us.

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ISO 14001 environmental standard principles have been applied when building Martela Oyj recycling system. Recycling is an integral part of Martela's business strategy. Our aim is to minimise our customers' working environments ecological footprint.
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