The Kilta chair, over 65 years old, is one of the most admired Finnish design products.
The Kilta chair is Finland's first plastic chair thanks to its pioneering manufacturing technology and it has been in Martela's collection since 1955. The chair's timeless design and good seating comfort guarantee its continued popularity.

Soon after its development Kilta achieved major global popularity.
Kilta chair is part of the collections of the esteemed MoMA Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Kilta’s name was based on the first location it graced, Kauppakilta, a restaurant in Helsinki. The first model was designed as a basic chair for the office and its frame structure was made of wood. A newer version from 1958 was Finland's first plastic chair and was made from polystyrene.

Workspaces may have changed, but the popularity of Kilta chairs remains. Today, it is available to suit various spaces and tastes.