The Pod family includes several compatible products.
Both modern and timeless – the Pod family, designed by o4i Design Studio, is all you need for a coherent workplace interior. With one product family, you can create a work environment with areas for both quiet and focused work as well as relaxation and spontaneous meetings.

Pod family
More than meets the eye
A duo playing instruments
Right size for every party

The furniture of the Pod product family make sure there is a peaceful place to meet regardless of your assembly.

A man on a treadmill
Custom interior

Get them with or without furniture, Pod workspaces are always designed according to your needs.

Two people on a sun loungers
Optimal conditions

In addition to the contemporary design, PodBooths have optimal conditions for meetings with adjustable fan speed and dimmable lighting.

The Pod family was born out of a need to create intelligent and comfortable workplaces, where you can work and meet in peace. Download the brochure to learn more!

“With its large size for four people, PodBooth Meeting challenged us to go big on the inside while designing the exterior as a delicate piece of furniture. The result is not just “another box”, but a super-silent room with a strong identity and all the same tactile qualities that run in the Pod family.”

Henrik Kjellberg & Jon Lindström, o4i Design Studio