PodSeat - Easy chair

The PodSeat lounge chair with a low backrest is suitable for various lobby and waiting areas. The optional tabletop makes it a good place to do to do short-term work. The chair can be used either individually or in groups and the swivel base allows the user to choose the desired seating direction.

Seat: upholstered
Lap top table: white, black or Inspiring Colours
Screen: fully upholstered

Product code number

2981L (L/R/S) = fully upholstered lobby chair, swivel base, low backrest
2981LF (L/R/S) = fully upholstered lobby chair, fixed base, low backrest
LL / LLF = asymmetrical screen; from front the left side of the screen is longer
RL / RLF = asymmetrical screen; from front the right side of the screen is longer
SL / SLF = symmetrical screen; long screen on both sides
P = optional laptop table


Laptop table painted metal


Fixed or swivel base

Fabric consumption

6.2 m

Designer o4i Design Studio

o4i Design Studio

o4i Design Studio, founded by Henrik Kjellberg and Jon Lindström, designs products for well-known international companies for both private and public spaces. The agency, which is based in Stockholm, has received countless international design awards. The company name o4i is short for “office for ideas”.

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