PodBooth Duo

PodBooth Duo - Soundproof meeting module for 1 to 2 people

PodBooth Duo provides a quiet and soundproof space for meetings of 1-2 people. It is a perfect solution for a mobile meeting room for modern offices. PodBooth Duo is available with or without furniture. Adjustable ventilation and lighting provide the best possible meeting conditions.

Sound-absorbing safety glass
Glass frames and door handle black laminate
Acoustic walls and ceiling
Exterior surface upholstered

Dirt repellent and anti-static carpet, dark grey
Walls and ceiling felt, dark grey


- Castors
- Integrated table, base black. Table top oak, ash, stained ash (black or white) or laminate black or white)
- Different connectors and charging points can be selected to the integrated table (outlet, charging USB A+C, HDMI or RJ45)
- Monitor bracket to the integrated table (includes 2 outlets under the table)
- Wall-mounted coat hanger holder with or without a mirror, black
- Coat hanger, black
- Coat hook, black


- Levelling glides
- LED lighting and air circulation system with occupancy censor
- Side wall electric sockets (2 pcs) and charging USB (2 pcs)
- The cable location can be selected during installation
- Magnet closing door
- Left or right handed door

Weight: 607 kg
Room height min.: 240 cm
Power cable length 420 cm (bottom) or 250 cm (roof)

Designer o4i Design Studio

o4i Design Studio

o4i Design Studio, founded by Henrik Kjellberg and Jon Lindström, designs products for well-known international companies for both private and public spaces. The agency, which is based in Stockholm, has received countless international design awards. The company name o4i is short for “office for ideas”.

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