Hand-picked by our professionals
Quality materials from sustainable sources

At Martela, we create furniture that is built to last.
We have high quality standards for furniture used in public environments and these standards guide us when choosing other manufacturers with whom to partner. The materials we have selected for our furniture have already proven to last in heavy use.
We offer a wide selection of fabrics and other materials that are suitable for our furniture. With the right materials and colours, you can create a harmonious environment in your office or learning environment.​

Our wide selection of upholstery consists of several high-quality fabrics and a large number of colours. Many of our fabrics are eco-labelled or certified and many are also fire-safe. The sustainability information of each fabric is available in the individual material specifications.​

If you cannot find a suitable alternative in our standard collection, see our fabric partners below. Check their websites for an even wider selection of fabrics that are available with our products.​

Manufacturer Fabric model
Gabriel Breeze Fusion, Capture, Chili, Crisp, Cura, Fame, Felicity, Soul Melange, Swing
Kvadrat Fiord 2, Floyd Screen, Hallingdal 65, Remix 3, Remix Screen, Steelcut Trio 3
Svensson Rami, Khaki
Camira Cara, Era, Synergy
Spradling Silvertex
Elmo Elmosoft, Elmocoast
Orient Occident AquaClean Nordic