What makes a workplace and learning environment comfortable and productive?
A beautiful view, an ergonomic chair and electric desk, fresh coffee or peace and quiet? There is likely to be as many answers as there are employees, but it is clear that people enjoy coming to a comfortable workplace every day to meet their colleagues.

The ways of working have changed a great deal in the past decade. The progress in digital tools has completely changed the way office space is used. Location independent work is also possible. The demands for workplaces have also changed. We no longer need space to store papers or large devices, and we do not even have to work at our own desks and computers.

Forget being set in our old ways with endless rows of workstations and desks. It is time to design the kind of workplaces and learning environments that meet the needs of their users. The best kinds of workplaces and learning environments encourage the employees and students to be creative and exceed expectations. They are flexible and can be changed constantly to meet changing needs. They offer spaces for different kinds of activities: collaboration, interaction, recreation and concentration.

User-driven spaces are designed to support the needs of the organisation. For the individual, they offer the freedom to choose from a range of spaces and pick the time and place that suit them best – alone or together.

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