Remote work

5 tips for working from home

Many people currently do teleworking at home. The sofa corner is a popular workstation, but here are some tips to improve your energy level and efficiency during your telecommuting day.

Choose a quiet space for your remote workstation

Effective telecommuting requires that you are able to work without disturbance. If there are other family members at home at the same time, creating rules of play may be necessary to achieve work peace. Make sure your desk is in a peaceful space – and remember to take care of the confidentiality of your virtual conferences at home. Even if the sofa corner in the living room is attractive, a comfortable chair and table deep enough for your laptop and other essentials will help you concentrate. Keep your tools organised and remove unwanted paper from the desk. Creativity suffers from mess.

Keep changing your posture during the day

It is important to change your posture while sitting. Sometimes you can lean back more relaxed, other times you can sit upright. If you have the opportunity to use a higher desk during the working day, use at least half of your desk time at standing height. You can also take the habit of getting up, for example, whenever your phone rings and walking while you talk.

Take breaks as you will be more effective when refreshed

It can often feel like you don't have time for a good lunch break, not to mention coffee breaks. A short break and resting the brain for work that requires concentration will pay off in an improved workflow. Dividing your work into periods and breaks increases efficiency. Also take advantage of breaks for utility activities such as hanging clothes up to dry or getting some fresh air.

You can also do physical activity at the workstation

Take out your workout ball, balance board or dumbbells and use them while you work. Even the brain loves light physical activity every now and then!

Remember working hours

When the flow comes, the hours can fly and the working day can become long. It’s important to stick to your working hours in order to keep the border between work and leisure clear and allow yourself time to recover.