Bit - Benches

Bit benches are designed for working and learning environments that need to be easily modifiable. The benches come in four different shapes and in various heights. It's fun to create different kinds of combinations with them. The benches are easy to move with their lifting straps and hidden rollers.

Fully upholstered benches with light padding.

Bit and Bit Round with felt glides and a strap
Bit Stick and Bit Twist with felt glides or hidden castors

Product code number

Bit = 341A (42/52)
Bit Round = 341D (42/52)
Bit Stick = 341S (32/42/52) (R)
Bit Twist = 341T (32/42/52) (R)

32 = height 32 cm
42 = height 42 cm
52 = height 52 cm
R = hidden castors

Fabric consumption

Bit: h 42/52 cm / 1.4 m
Bit Round: h 42/52 cm / 2 m
Bit Stick: h 32 cm / 1.9 m, h 42/52 cm / 2.4 m
Bit Twist: h 32 cm / 2.4 m, h 42 cm / 2.6 m, h 52 cm / 3 m

Designer Iiro Viljanen

Iiro Viljanen

Interior architect Iiro Viljanen (1967) is passionate about making Finnish workplaces more pleasant. He has designed many products for work and school environments for Martela.

“A workplace should be a place that people want to come to.”