Helsinki, 2022

Staria helps growth companies evolve into international superstars by offering international financial administration services in over 40 countries with a unique one-stop delivery model and strong expertise in technology. Staria is shaking up the established role of financial administration and wanted to update its headquarters to better reflect its business and values and to support the new ways of working. In the renewal of its Helsinki office, Rakka Works was selected as the partner responsible for the space and interior design and lease negotiations.

Staria cafe
Lounge area at the Staria office

Staria’s culture and new ways of working guided planning

The office concept was developed in close cooperation between Sanni Koskela, Chief People & Culture Officer at Staria, and several employees from Staria. The concept was based on creating a new kind of experience for employees and customers in the space. The aim was to make the physical space reflect the organisation’s culture and identity. The starting point for the layout of the spaces was zoning into different areas for work. The office was divided into spaces for more active work and for quieter work based on the different needs and ways of working. The most visible location, the intersection of the office’s L-shaped floor plan, was chosen for the space where people meet and interact.

“We wanted to create the ideal space for Staria, which makes it possible to live the culture. The space reflects Staria’s desire to break with established ideas of financial administration and will help the organisation in its strong growth with its transparency and diversity. In a state of growth, the environment amplifies the culture making it resonate within the organisation. The space communicates the culture between people,” says Tero Helenius, Head of Workplace Innovation and Design at Rakka Works.

People at the Staria office
People at the Staria office

Growth company values flexibility

Staria is a growth company and was seeking flexibility in its furniture procurement as its employee numbers change. Martela’s flexible Workplace as a Service model proved to be the best solution. Instead of a one-off investment in furniture, Staria pays monthly rent, which is updated according to the furniture needs. The contract also includes a regular furniture maintenance service and a follow-up survey for employees. The model is based on the circular economy, so Martela takes back the furniture that is no longer needed and refurbishes it for the next users.

Workplace supports wellbeing of Staria’s employees

The visual identity of the office is thought-provokingly bold and stylish combined with high-quality materials that respect the history and location of the historic property located on Mikonkatu in Helsinki. Light floods in through the large windows of the office, while furniture and lightweight screens divide the space into different zones for working. According to a follow-up survey carried out in September 2023, one year after the new premises were taken into use, the facilities are well suited to the work tasks and more than 84% of respondents felt that the workplace promotes wellbeing at work. Respondents also requested further development of the facilities that cater for work requiring longer periods of concentration and remote meetings. For Staria’s employees, the main pull factors of the office are the pleasant surroundings, the tools for work and the social interaction.

“A lot of extravagant expectations were placed on the renewal of our home base in Helsinki, yet they were all exceeded. This has been one of our most successful projects in a while, as the change has increased the office utilisation rates to a whole new level and Staria’s employees and our network have been brought even closer together. In their feedback, our employees have highlighted the spaciousness, harmony, beauty and unique details of the premises. We have received a lot of praise for our versatile space solutions and for the overall functionality of the space, which excellently serves various needs for meeting and interaction. And the people who exclaim ‘wow’ when they enter our office for the first time have not been in the minority either,” says Koskela.

Images: Akifoto & Rakka Works