Spot - Universal table with round and square disc base

Spot tables are suitable for a wide range of uses as they are available in a variety of sizes and heights, from a standing height table to a low coffee table. Disc base is available in round and square shapes.

Straight-edged table tops:
laminate (white or grey), birch, oak, ash or stained ash (black or white)

Beveled table tops:
white laminate, oak, ash or stained ash (black or white)

Base: grey, white, black, chrome or Inspiring Colours

Product code number

Straight-edged table tops:
494Y60 = ø 60 cm
494Y70 = ø 70 cm
494Y85 = ø 85 cm
494Y105 = ø 105 cm
494Y120 = ø 120 cm
4940606 = 60x60 cm
4940606Q = 60x60 cm (round corners)
4940808 = 80x80 cm
4940808Q = 80x80 cm (round corners)
4940909 = 90x90 cm
4940909Q = 90x90 cm (round corners)
4941408 = 140x80 cm
4941608 = 160x80 cm
4941808 = 180x80 cm
4942008 = 200x80 cm

Beveled table tops:
494Y60B = ø 60 cm
494Y90B = ø 90 cm
494Y120B = ø 120 cm
4940606B = 60x60 cm
4940909B = 90x90 cm

Designer Iiro Viljanen

Iiro Viljanen

Interior architect Iiro Viljanen (1967) is passionate about making Finnish workplaces more pleasant. He has designed many products for work and school environments for Martela.

“A workplace should be a place that people want to come to.”

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