Interior Design Martela and Laika Rumdesign
Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015

An inspiring workplace

As part of a Nordic agreement, Martela brought to realisation a new inspiring workplace for the PostNord headquarters in Copenhagen.

PostNord was looking for a partner with extensive experience and knowledge of activity-based working. As well as workplace planning and implementation, they wanted a partner who could provide them with reliable project management.

The Martela Lifecycle approach, covering the entire workplace lifecycle from planning to maintaining the workplace, was exactly what PostNord was looking for.

In addition to the latest furniture solutions Martela was able to provide a single point of contact for all the required services, such as space planning and furniture recycling. They also had extensive experience of company transformation from a traditional open-plan office to activity-based working.

The new premises are three times smaller than the previous ones resulting in a payback time of less than a year.

Key figures of the project before moving
28 000
Total square meters (95% office space)
Square meters / employee
Desk ratio

A new way of working

There are no longer fixed workstations for everyone and the way of working has changed radically. Despite all this, a well-managed transformation has led to a lot of positive feedback from the employees. The people working in the new headquarters find their new workplace a truly inspiring environment to work in.

Key figures of the project after moving
9 500
Total square meters (65% office space)
Square meters / employee
Desk ratio