Interior design Hong Ngo-Aandal
Oslo, Norway, 2018

Holte Consulting is a Norwegian consulting house with a 40-year experience of providing leading knowledge and support in project management and implementation. Together with their customers, they use systematic, insightful and operational experience which is needed to turn their vision of only successful projects into reality.

Holte Academy was founded in early 2016. It is a leading competence partner and provider of project training, which has been selected by several of Norway’s largest companies as the supplier of their training programmes.

Clear project targets

Holte has a philosophy, which focuses on creating people-centric working environments and culture. In October 2018, the subsidiaries Holte Consulting and Holte Academy moved into their new premises with a total of 65 employees.

The target was that the new office should be impressive, inspiring and playful, but at the same time functional. It was also important for both companies to maintain their identities. Other targets were to create interaction between people and synergy and to provide specific areas for undisturbed work.

Project was guided by thorough specification of needs

“Holte Consulting and Holte Academy needed new premises which support our business and adapt to possible future changes. Before we got in touch with Martela, we had carried out a thorough specification of our needs. We chose Martela as our partner to optimise the new premises,” says Anne Tvedt, Administration Manager of Holte Consulting.

Martela had overall project responsibility and used parts of the Lifecycle model for planning and designing the office and implementing the change. This meant that the project group had the opportunity to influence the design right from the start. Sustainable solutions were created, and specified zones – concentration, collaboration, communication and chill-out – meet the various needs of employees during a working day.

“It was very important for us that the premises reflect who we are. In the design process, several workshops were conducted to engage our key people and we found the Martela team to be both very creative and solution-oriented,” says Tvedt.

Work satisfaction increased along with the new office

Martela’s interior designer Hong Ngo-Aandal and a dedicated project group transformed the empty premises into a workplace where employees look forward to going every day. The themes used as inspiration for the design were: Nordic design, urban, sustainable and playful.

“Our new premises are the same size as the previous ones but seem more spacious and brighter and use of space is much more efficient. We are very pleased with our new premises, which is also shown by various results of the work satisfaction survey. In the latest employee survey, our premises scored an average of 5.5 (scale 1-6). We can highly recommend Martela as a workplace development partner,” says Tvedt.