Interior design Maija-Liisa Väre
Stockholm, Sweden, 2016

A good work environment was made even better

Working at the Nordic IT service company Enfo is proven to be attractive - the company ranks as one of the most attractive employers in the Great Place to Work® survey in Sweden each year. Flattering, of course - but it also means a great responsibility to ensure that it retains its leading position.

“We are growing all the time and when we got too crowded on our previous office here in Stockholm we had the vision of a flexible workspace adapted to our way of working that could encourage further development,” says Linda Liljewall, Office Manager at Enfo.
“It was natural to seek a partnership with Martela as had succeeded so well with Enfo office in Finland.”

A start of a very close and positive cooperation

“Martela took full responsibility from the outset and was even involved in the search for new premises”, says Liljewall.

As the right premises was found cooperation continued under Martela Lifecycle® model. “Martela and Enfo created together a thoughtful suggestions of interior design and furnishings that we felt was consistent with the Enfo’s way of working. The proposal included that the office was divided into different areas - a concentration area for individual work; a collaboration area that inspires to work together; a chill out area for light-hearted relaxation and a communication area for group dynamics,” says Liljewall. “Martela’s full responsibility also meant that they took care of all the logistics of the move, not least the management of old decor. By relocation and sales more than 80% of the furniture found a new use, that fits very well with our environmental thinking within Enfo.”

Moreover, with the choice of furniture rental and leasing Enfo avoided the high initial costs and costs for ongoing maintenance.

The new workspace promotes the activity-based approach

When it was time for the house warming party of the new office on the Olof Palme Street in central Stockholm there was Inspiring workshops by Martela on implementation of the new workplace to make it work in the best possible way.

Liljewall says, “It felt good that Martela were there and were able to explain and instruct how the new workspace promotes the activity-based approach that we want. It created a deeper understanding of how the work environment influences us who work here and how it can facilitate communication and develop cooperation between our various departments.”

“Enfo is mainly a consulting company, which means that much of our work takes place at our customers sites, but when we are hear at our office, we need to work efficiently - and utilise each other's expertise. Our increasing cross functional working  now is probably the most obvious difference in the months we worked in our new environment. In the various office environments, it is easier and more natural to connect with colleagues, exchange ideas and develop new and creative partnerships.”

Cooperation Enfo and Martela continues after the new premises have taken in to use. “Our work environment is in a continuous process, so we will have close contact with Martela to follow the rapid development of working and work environments. We want to keep Enfo's top ranking among the Great Place to Work®.”