Interior design Riikka Kyllönen
Oulu, Finland, 2017

Spaces that adapt to projects

The technology company Bittium decided to build a new head office in the Oulu Technology Tark in Linnanmaa as it was in a situation that is typical for growth companies. The company had grown out of its existing premises and they no longer met the company’s business needs.

Bittium’s product development is highly project-based. Simultaneous projects that are constantly moving require premises that can be regularly modified but this was not possible in the old office, which could not be modified in any way. It did not offer much in the way of general comfort, either.

Scrum facilities and labs for tough requirements

Bittium already had a long and open customer relationship with Martela and the trust that had built up provided an excellent foundation for the planning process. Martela had already designed other offices in the Oulu Technology Park and these provided a good comparison.

The new offices occupy two wings and four floors of the building. Each employee has a designated workstation for jobs that require concentration. In addition to conventional meeting rooms, each floor has phone booths and scrum spaces where teams can meet. The scrum spaces are well suited even for confidential projects.

High-end laboratory facilities were also built to meet the needs of Bittium’s mechanical work. There are also areas for relaxation, with inviting groups of sofas and stand-up tables in the lobby.

More flexibility and informal meetings

Bittium wanted to plan and implement the new offices in close cooperation with its employees. Martela was in charge of interior design planning and implementing the new head office and recycling the old furniture.

The employees settled into the new office in positive spirits. The flexibility of the new premises was put to the test straight away and it quickly adapted to the continuously changing team sizes.

“The customer wanted the new office to look good. They weren’t asking for luxury but for a modern look and easy-going comfort,” says Petri Kukkonen from Martela. The employees have been especially pleased with the versatility of the spaces for meeting areas.