Providing a peaceful space for small meetings, our new PodBooth Meeting is the perfect solution for a mobile meeting room in modern workplaces.

PodBooth Meeting with a sofa inside
PodBooth Meeting by Martela
PodBooth Meeting
More than meets the eye
Martela choir
Right size Meeting

Ideal for four, PodBooth Meeting covers the needs of the most common size of meetings.

Martela running
Custom interior

Get it with or without furniture, PodBooth Meeting provides the framework for a spacious layout that is designed according to your needs.

Martela holiday
Optimal conditions

In addition to the contemporary design, PodBooth Meeting has optimal conditions for meetings with adjustable fan speed and dimmable lighting.

Meeting all your needs

The two sizes of PodBooths make sure there is a solution to the most common needs for meetings at modern workplaces. PodBooth is ideal for taking phone calls or attending video conferences, whereas PodBooth Meeting provides a quiet space for small groups to meet in peace.

Martela meditation
Premium sound insulation

With its outstanding sound insulation PodBooth Meeting creates a private space to fully focus on what you do.

Easy to move

Adapt to the changing needs of modern workplaces and get your PodBooth Meeting with built-in castors to give a new meaning to a walking meeting.

Activity based office

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“With its large size for four people, PodBooth Meeting challenged us to go big on the inside while designing the exterior as a delicate piece of furniture. The result is not just “another box”, but a super-silent room with a strong identity and all the same tactile qualities that run in the Pod family.”

Henrik Kjellberg & Jon Lindström, o4i Design Studio

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