Interior Design Tiina Myller
Vantaa, Finland, 2016

A new working environment for Solteq

Software services company Solteq Oyj wanted their new location in Aviabulevard, Vantaa to fulfil the company's current needs and especially to support the mobile and social nature of their work. Solteq chose workplace change according to the Martela Lifecycle model, that covers the specification, design, implementation and future maintenance. Solteq office on Aviabulevard is a working environment for 200 people.

"The ultimate goal of the change in working environment was to increase our employee satisfaction and create workspaces which communicate our values. Employee wellbeing inevitably affects our customers. The aim of the change is naturally also to create growth," says Perttu Kulmala, Operations Manager, Solteq Oyj.

In the spring of 2016, Solteq took their new office into use. This working environment is now one of the most modern activity-based offices in Finland.

A participatory workshop plays an important role

The workplace specification started in December 2014 by defining needs and objectives. A working environment survey, participatory workshops and interviews with key personnel were carried out at the beginning of the year. A comprehensive workplace report on the working environment and a space usage plan were created based on the analysis.

"We wanted each and every one of our employees to be involved in the process and to provide information from their own perspective. We did not want to move forward with the planning based on assumptions," says Kulmala. "In the next phase we planned what kind of work will be done, and where. In the last stage we started to place the solutions, such as tables, phone booths and meeting rooms, into the blue-print."

In the planning phase, Martela carried out a furniture inventory and created a space and interior design plan. Next, a proposal was made for furnishing solutions. The plan contained more than a hundred shared workstations and only two designated workstations.

Kulmala has been satisfied with the partnership with Martela. "Our new office has many different spaces. There is plenty of open and free space. We have solutions for various work activities and various needs. People can choose the place that feels good on a particular day at that moment for their task."

Old furniture recycled and new leased

Martela implemented the change in the working environment, including the removal service and furniture recycling. "We had a lot of old furniture, and it would have been practically impossible to recycle it ourselves. It was a huge help to us that we were able to have Martela recycling services together with their moving service."

Solteq decided to rent new furniture with a leasing contract. "Our furniture is leased. Naturally, we thought about what would work best for us financially. But we also did not want to commit to our furniture for decades. We want to keep the facilities up to date, flexible and comfortable. And we want to be able to renew our furniture from time to time," says Kulmala.