Construction and real estate development company NCC recently inaugurated its new head office in Solna. Collaborating with Reform Arkitekter, Martela was responsible for furnishing the state-of-the-art workplace.
Solna, Sweden, 2019

Focus on collaboration and meetings at NCC’s new head office in Solna

An office is so much more than just furniture, floors and walls. NCC had a clear idea about how its office should function and support business. So, together with Reform Arkitekter, Martela created work environments that are both modern and smart for NCC’s new head office in Solna.

Reform Arkitekter, which is part of Reflex Architects, was in charge of the entire interior design process – from the planning stage, when the new way of working was designed, to the look of the furniture and carpentry.

"We have been responsible for floor layouts, for interior colour and material choices, and for choosing furniture and fixtures," says Jenny Öberg, interior designer at Reform Arkitekter.

Office is a diverse palette

The concept is based on the Nordic look, with lots of natural materials and warm, harmonious colours. Three themes – energetic, classic and harmonious – were also used to create variety and choice.

"I think the results portray the future NCC, which engages with everything from the context of its urban location to the health of its employees. Examples include the public entrance floor with its restaurant, a café and a gym, and the way movement is encouraged with the large main staircase and the opportunities that are offered to employees to influence and shape their working days,” says Öberg.

In addition to the inviting public spaces, there are quiet areas for work that are free of visual and acoustic disruption, as well as various types of rooms for work that requires concentration and for meetings.

"We wanted to reinforce the sense that this is the head office for the whole of NCC, by making it warm and welcoming with a public entrance floor and offering many features that can be used by all. It was important to create a stimulating and varied working environment that can support the various tasks that make up a work day. We have struck a good balance between variety and standardisation with the our furniture choices,” says My Kiiman-Håll, Head of Employer Branding at NCC, who is responsible for the interior design of the new head office.

Spontaneous meetings

NCC's employees have settled in well at the new office, not least because of the extra effort put into the areas where people hang out and meet.

"The staircase in the atrium is doing its intended job, encouraging movement and spontaneous meetings. We now meet colleagues from different parts of the company in a completely different way than in our previous office,” says Kiiman-Håll, adding that she is very happy with the end result.

"I think we have done well. Together with Reform we defined our functions and designed environments that support the way we want to work. After this, Martela helped us to choose the right furniture. We prioritised sustainable furniture choices and worked actively on recycling. Collaboration was flexible and we received help all the way. This allowed us to move into a functional and wonderful office on time.”