Copenhagen, Denmark, 2017

The objective of the project was to create an optimal workplace for the bank’s personnel, which supports the new ways of working and the wellbeing of personnel. The lightning and acoustic conditions needed to be improved as well.

Martela A/S was involved throughout the lifecycle of the development. Together with the partner Signal Arkitekter we were responsible for the interior design, project management, data management and the logistics of placing more than 30.000 pieces of furniture.

Optimal working conditions

As a result, the office building in the southern part of Ørestad Nord is now transferred to a new, open work environment. The workplace consists of sustainable solutions, which contribute positively to the everyday lives of the personnel. There are spaces for different kinds of needs throughout the work day: collaboration, communication, concentration and chill-out. The 47.000 m² facility, designed by Henning Larsen, accommodates 2.500 employees and is the Nordic region's largest trading floor. The building has reached the highest score in the international environmental certification, LEED Platinum.