Make the best use of your facilities.
Do you know how your office will meet the needs of hybrid work in the future? Real-time data about the work environment tells you how it’s being used, which areas employees prefer and which they don’t – it ensures that the workspace serves the real needs of its users. It also helps with a safe return to the office.

Based on our estimates, the utilisation rate of workstations will be 10-30% lower than before after the pandemic.

There could be a co-working area that no one ever uses – or the standing desks might be constantly busy. Without proper measurement it is impossible to know which parts of your facilities are over or under-utilised. With data, you can plan and optimise your workplace with agility without having to pay for unnecessary square metres – and your employees continue to have the best possible work environment!

How do you know if your working environment suits the needs of your organisation?

When data replaces gut feeling, the workspace can be developed with a new grip.
Utilisation measurement can be done on a one-off basis, but the full benefits are only gained through continuous measurement, which helps to identify the changing needs and to implement the changes faster. Measurement can be automated using wireless sensors or it can be done by observing the workplace and organisation. The collected data is then compared to targets with an easy-to-use and comprehensive reporting portal.

Main benefits

  • Accurate data for space optimisation and planning

  • Cost savings and improved user experience

  • Identification of organisational differences in space utilisation

  • Correct mix of different kinds of spaces for your organisation

Workplace utilisation rate measurement, including analyses and reporting, is a user-friendly fact-based method for identifying how space is typically used and what challenges there may be. It also provides data for easy decision-making.

The service has been created together with Rapal, an expert in work environment development software.
Utilisation services are suitable for the changing needs of modern offices and schools. It is part of Martela’s Workplace as a Service - optimisation service to ensure appropriate investments and best use of the spaces.

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