Do you know what your office is like compared to the premises of other companies?
Is your workspace smaller than average, or are you paying for unnecessary space? Is there really something wrong with the soundscape in the office, or does it just feel like it? Does your workplace support wellbeing and your current ways of working, or could your concept do with updating?

A modern office can be much more varied than before.
While work used to be limited to employees’ desks and a meeting room, a modern workplace can also include spaces for spontaneous encounters, project work and tasks that require concentration. Because workstations are smaller and there is less need for storage space, you might not necessarily need as much space as in traditional premises.

We will analyse the current situation in your office through theoretical calculations or by involving the users. We use sensors or systematic observation methods to measure how much your workstations and meeting rooms are really being used. We ask your staff about their experiences in the office and compare the answers to the averages from other organisations.  We can also calculate how many workstations, meeting rooms and other facilities are needed in your organisation.

The workplace is meant to support the wellbeing of the staff and the organisation’s way of working. Our workplace consultants work for better working days.
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