It is a hectic day in Nummela.
Orders for the newly launched products are coming in, but Delivery Steering Manager Jessika Jessika still has time for a short break. The department for delivery steering is a node of manufacturing, sales and procurement, as all the information passes through here. In an optimum situation orders go straight from sales via delivery to production, but if the data needs to be updated or completed, then Jessika’s team of four get involved.

Jessika has worked at Martela since 2011.
Jessikais pleased with her career. She originally came into the company as a work planner in the delivery steering department. After four years in the job, Jessika and her family decided to take a gap year and move to Spain. At the time it was important to her to take a break and see what else life had to offer. After a year, however, she wanted to return to Finland and her friends and family here. But the Spanish lifestyle did leave its mark: even though Jessika still works hard, she is now better at taking it easy from time to time. The time spent in Spain also emphasised the importance of family life.

When Jessika brought up her dream of a gap year at work, she was pleasantly surprised. Martela did not want her to resign, but instead they found a solution together where Jessika could take unpaid leave and come back to her job on her return from Spain.

Of course I want to be more flexible when I know they can be flexible too.

The year in Spain gave Jessika a lot: it expanded her perspective on her work and changed her attitude towards her employer. "Of course I want to be more flexible when I know they can be flexible too."

Jessika feels confident about the future.
She hopes that she can continue working in a similar role, with a connection to both the production and the customer interface. The windows of the delivery steering department open up in all directions of Martela. The company has also invested in staff training: during her career Jessika has gained a Special Vocational Degree in Management, and she recently took part in Lean Sigma training, which has led to her being part of projects relating to lean leadership in the manufacturing and delivery departments. “When the world changes, we should also change the way we work,” Jessika says, and heads back to work.

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