Nooa - Bench

Nooa benches bring versatile and comfortable seating to the various types of lobby and meeting spaces in activity based offices. In addition to the upholstery, you can also choose from a selecetion of different leg materials: besides stylish wood, there are almost 100 RAL colours to choose from.

Upholstery: fully upholstered
Legs, wood: ash, stained ash or oak
Legs, metal: black, white or Inspiring Colours
Table top: white laminate, black matt laminate, oak, ash or stained ash
Table leg: white, black or Inspiring Colours

Product code number

333A (W/S) = one-seater bench
333AA (W/S) = two-seater bench
333AAA (W/S) = three-seater bench
335A45 (W/S) = bench 45°
335A60 (W/S) = bench 60°
335A90 (W/S) = bench 90°
W = wooden legs
S = metal legs


331PS = decorative cushion, 67x42 cm
331PM = decorative cushion, 42x42 cm
331PL = decorative cushion, 50x50 cm
330T = table between seats
330TL = table with leg

Fabric consumption

333A: 1.5 m
333AA: 2.2 m
333AAA: 2.9 m
335A45: 3.1 m
335A60: 3.2 m
335A90: 3.3 m

Designer Antti Kotilainen

Antti Kotilainen

Designer Antti Kotilainen (1966) has been collaborating with Martela for a long time. His designs are characterised by organic shapes and functionality which meet modern needs. Kotilainen has attracted a great deal of international attention during his career and is one of Finland’s most successful furniture designers.

“Everyone understands the contrasts, ambience and arrangements of music. The same things also affect furniture. The most important thing for me as a designer is to create good feeling for the furniture and good atmosphere for the space.”

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