Diagonal - Bench

Diagonal is both a sofa and a room divider. The furniture consists of four seats of different shapes, to which a screen can be connected. One of the sofa elements is higher than the others, providing a side table for a computer, for example. Diagonal is a great piece of furniture for spacious lobby areas.

Seat: upholstered
Base: black.
Screen: fully upholstered.

Product code number

389 = seating island
787 = low screen
789 = high screen

Fabric consumption

Sofa 389: 8.6 m
Screen 787: 4.0 m
Screen 789: 4.0 m
Seat 1: 1.6 m
Seat 2: 3.2 m
Seat 3: 2.9 m
Seat 4: 1.6 m

Designer o4i Design Studio

o4i Design Studio

o4i Design Studio, founded by Henrik Kjellberg and Jon Lindström, designs products for well-known international companies for both private and public spaces. The agency, which is based in Stockholm, has received countless international design awards. The company name o4i is short for “office for ideas”.

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