Work environments

The new work manifesto

During the past year, we have learnt something we already knew in theory: many kinds of work can be done anywhere.

We have almost become accustomed to working at the dining table, on the couch, in the children’s room and even on the sauna bench. The smartest of us have been trying to adopt a better working posture with various contraptions. An ironing board and a couple of cookbooks, for example, may serve as a standing height table. This is far from a good thing. Your breastbone is stuck, your pelvic muscles are tight, and you are all nerves. Many people think that sauna should have nothing to do with sex, and neither should it have anything to do with a Teams meeting, not even on the lowest bench.

WaaS Martela

Every emergency comes to an end one day.
Many employees will return to the same office as the one they left more than a year ago in order to work from home. Many of us will come to notice that ways of working have changed, but the office has not. Emails are not sent using a typewriter, it is not a good idea to travel to China on horseback, and the manager does not need a corner room. The world is changing, and the workplace needs to change along with it.

I doubt this is the last revolution in the way we work. Nobody can foretell how, and in what kind of environment, we will work in the future. This is why we created a service model that enables us to renew the workplace more easily, flexibly and economically than ever before. We will recycle the furniture you do not need and create a modern workplace in which the content and the monthly rent are flexible according to your needs. If you wish, the service can extend to your home office.

Do not buy your furniture. Instead, buy flexibility, peace of mind, health and a better working life.


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