The new PodBooth provides a more peaceful working environment

According to our surveys, more than half of knowledge workers in the Nordic countries say that their work is interrupted at least quite often. Phone calls, online meetings and discussions held at workstations particularly cause disturbance.

Martela quietens down the acoustic landscape and brings longed-for privacy to the workplace with its new PodBooth. The new product represents Martela’s 4C logic (Concentration, Collaboration, Communication, Chill-out), according to which high-quality workplaces are equipped with separate areas for concentration, group work, exchange of information and recovery.

A special focus in the design of PodBooth has been the quality of the soundproofing. First-class soundproofing guarantees that all discussions truly stay within the space – research shows that the human voice disturbs colleagues the most. The exterior surface also works as an acoustic surface, providing peace for the workplace.

In addition, PodBooth is easy to move around. Castors mounted underneath it improve flexibility in situations where there is the need to quickly modify the workplace.

Harmony for different kinds of workplaces

A broad selection of fabrics and other upholstery materials guarantees that PodBooth is perfectly blended in any workplace. Rounded corners, spacious inner dimensions and a magnet-closing door help create a high-quality user experience.

The new product is part of the growing Pod product family. It was designed by the award-winning Swedish o4i Design Studio, which has also designed products for Ikea and Lappset.

“PodBooth’s very quiet and spacious interior and easy mobility are the best features in the market, including in terms of design and materials. We are very satisfied with the outcome,” say designers Henrik Kjellberg and Jon Lindström.

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