Multi-purpose Grip NxT chair collection

The Grip NxT collection, an updated version of the Grip series designed by Mikko Halonen, suits both working and learning environments. The versatile series includes a new stackable stool with two different heights, a task chair with castors and height adjustment and stackable models with a sled or four-leg base.

The design of the seat and the laminate colour scheme have been refreshed, with oak laminate as one addition. The new laminated colour scheme allows you to be playful with colours and create a fresh and easily modifiable general appearance for any space.

The Grip NxT chairs by Martela

Stool with two different heights

The versatile Grip NxT selection has been complemented with a compact, stackable stool. The stools can be hung from a table top and an upholstered version is also available. The stool's two different heights means that it can easily be used in different types of spaces.

The stools are stackable, which makes them suitable for spaces that need to be easily modifiable in locations with varying needs for seats.

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Grip NxT series with innovative grip function

The name of the series, Grip, comes from the innovative way the chairs grip the table top. The stools can be hung from a table top without a separate fitting.

The models with the handy ‘lifting hole’ can be lifted easily with one hand, and the new low backrest improves ease of use for people of all sizes. Even small pupils will be able to reach over the low backrest of a chair hung from the table top and place their tray on the table. Cleaning floor surfaces is also easier when there is no need to move chairs out of the way.

Mikko Halonen originally designed the Grip series for schools, but it is equally suitable for working environments. The Grip series includes chairs, stools and tables.

Height-adjustable version with castors and general-purpose chairs

The Grip NxT with castors has a lifting hole in the backrest and the sitting height is adjusted with a gas spring. The chair also comes with an optional raised base and footring, which makes it suitable for users of various sizes and various table heights.

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The playful general-purpose Grip NxT chair is also available with a sled or four-leg base. Both of the bases are stackable and row-linkable, and a storage trolley is also available for them.

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