Martela’s Sustainability Report wins the Value Creation category

Martela's Sustainability Report has won the Value Creation category of the Responsibility Reporting Competition

Since 1996 the annually organised competition, open and free to everyone, awards the best corporate responsibility reports in Finland. The competition promotes corporate responsibility, highlights good practices and examples, and recognises organisations, which have invested in responsibility reporting.

The Responsibility Reporting Competition is organised by Aalto University School of Business, Climate Leadership Coalition, FIBS, Finland's Sustainable Investment Forum Finsif, Hanken, Nasdaq Helsinki, The Finnish Association of Auditors, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland, Association for Environmental Management YJY and Ministry of the Environment.

Martela has long been working systematically on raising the sustainability aspects of working and learning environments. Reporting started due to the increasing demand from customers to assess the responsibility aspects of the industry and to find pioneers in the field. The award-winning sustainability report is Martela’s ninth report. Reporting has always been based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) model, which aims to enable and facilitate reporting comparability.

Martela's latest Sustainability Report contains examples on how Martela helps its customers to create responsible working and learning environments. About 90 % of Martela's carbon footprint is linked to materials which are delivered to customers. This underlines the importance of high quality and long lifecycle of products in mitigating environmental impacts. Martela has always focused on durability, ergonomics and timeless design of products.

On the other hand, in order to reduce the lifecycle impact of work environments, it is important that offices are designed to meet the real needs of users and that the work environment is continuously optimized to support the ever-changing ways of work. Investing in the lifecycle of a single product and the design of the entire work environment reduce the overall climate impact of the entire work environment.

“An integral part of our strategy is our continuously evolving service offering. When a working or a learning environment is acquired as a service, you can always rely on the fact that responsibility considerations are continuously taken into account, throughout the lifecycle,” says Ville Taipale, Chair of the Responsibility Steering Group.

Check out our Sustainability Report 2018 and learn more about Martela's sustainability!