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Annual Report 2019 is published

Martela’s Annual Report 2019 is published

Our CEO Matti Rantaniemi wraps up the events of the year. “Our new product, PodBooth, which was launched early in the year, was a resounding success as it was received very positively. PodBooth is a soundproofed movable module resembling a phone booth that guarantees its users a disturbance-free workspace. We were also very pleased with the feedback we received in our customer experience survey. Our net promoter score (NPS) rose to an excellent level of 48. Achieving this sort of high customer satisfaction has required excellent customer service and collaboration from our entire team. It proves that the development measures we have implemented in recent years have been the right ones. We also successfully executed several large-scale customer projects, of which planning, design, project management and end results received good feedback from our customers,” says Rantaniemi.

Accounting for responsibility at every stage of the workplace development lifecycle is at the core of Martela’s operations and we develop our offering and operations with a comprehensive approach that aims to promote sustainability. “We were pleased when our latest responsibility report won the Company with the Best Value Creation award in the 2019 Responsibility Reporting Competition held by Finland’s Sustainable Investment Forum (Finsif). Clear reporting is one of our key success factors, as the requirement for responsibility is continuously becoming more pronounced in our customers’ criteria,” continues Rantaniemi.

The Annual Report 2019 can be read here!