Alku – Adaptability and warmth for spaces that have many uses

Workplace and learning environments are increasingly expected to be modifiable for different situations and needs. Spaces should also be comfortable, which more and more people equate with homeliness. To take all of this in account requires not only careful overall design but attention to detail as well.

The new products in the Alku family are Martela’s answer: they meet the needs of modern workplaces and learning environments.

Homeliness for workplaces

There are several new desktop materials available for the Alku conference tables that match the spirit of the times.

“Wood is a warm material that is familiar to many. With the Alku conference tables it is easy to create the atmosphere you want because, in addition to white, you can now choose from other alternatives such as oak, ash and stained ash,” says Viljanen, the designer.

You can also choose a wooden leg instead of white metal. They are also available in oak and ash and white or black-stained ash.

The Alku conference table is ideal for working and meeting while standing because of the optional 90 cm legs. With these legs, the table is at a height that is also ideal for lobbies, cafés and areas intended for relaxing.

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The new addition is the folding Alku table

“More and more often, spaces are designed for several uses. In schools, for example, it is easy to organise large evening events because tables and chairs are easy to put away and then bring back again,” says Iiro Viljanen, the Alku designer at Martela.

Because the top of the table can be folded upright, the new tables can be stored in minimal space without the need for a separate storage rack. The T-legs of the tables have castors that can be locked in place and make moving the tables easy and safe.

Despite its adaptability, the folding Alku table is very sturdy. Special attention was paid in its design to durability and ease of use. The table is available in 12 different top sizes and they can easily be combined with other Martela products.

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