Victoria has worked as a business manager at Martela in Sweden since 2017.
Her primary area of responsibility is to create growth opportunities in the Swedish market and strengthen Martela's brand in the Nordic countries. Victoria is guided by sustainable values. She wants to create a society where people are well. This is the motif that guides her, that covers both work and private life.

Victoria has worked since she was young: as an entrepreneur, working in sales and strategy, and on boards. Even though she has been working on similar tasks for more than 20 years, she still feels that she learns new and interesting things every day.

The best thing about Martela is its responsiveness and that it strives for continuous improvement. “Martela wants to be better on all levels – from the individual to the team and from the company to society as a whole,” says Victoria. “Martela's culture is characterised by professionalism, energy and friendship. I am proud to be able to tell people that I work for Martela."

Happy Mondays – I want to create this feeling for everyone.

In her work, Victoria explores the value of a good working environment.
It’s not just about giving customers a good impression when they visit, it’s about creating a pleasant environment for the company’s own employees. For Victoria, happy Mondays means friendly encounters with co-workers, building new relationships and being able to develop herself. “A good Monday has a sense of confidence and trust, as well as pride in one’s own job,” Victoria sums up.

In the future, Victoria believes technological advances and digitalisation will force us to further change the way we operate. She believes that a good work-life balance will become increasingly important.

“As machines start to do more and more of our tasks, people will be given a chance to focus on creating inspiring jobs. That is why it is important that work environments have favourable conditions for people's creativity.”

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