Merete was first assigned to a Key Account Manager role at Martela in 2014.
Before that she held different positions in various companies, including a radiologist and an entrepreneur. At Martela, her first assignment was to start strengthening direct contacts with customers. Until that, Martela had carried out sales through a dealer network. Merete got a kick-start into managing big projects, when she started working with Nordic accounts with a lot of coordination with Martela Sweden and Finland as well.

She has always been driven by sales and close contacts with customers. Merete believes it is actually more about consultancy than sales. She considers long-term relations with companies as a quality stamp on how well we the company does business. In Norway, the industry is a rather small community and in the best case it is possible to build very close relationships with partners.

Merete’s work with big accounts led her to be quickly promoted to Business Manager, Sales Director and finally the Head of Martela in Norway. Over the years she has continued to be deeply involved in developing the cooperation with the Nordic accounts. The past years have been a period of fast growth for Martela Norway. Merete feels that the secret behind this is the people and the unique company culture. The great atmosphere is somethings that Merete has received a lot of feedback on from customers and partners. This also makes it easier to hire the right people for new positions.

It has always been easy for me to stay within Martela and accept new challenges.

"We have good leadership and have managed to stay innovative – there is always something exciting ahead. This also drives you to develop your own skillset,” Merete says. “We have been a forerunner within the industry in Norway and our lifecycle approach with various services has been a key tool enabling us to reach this position. I have been very lucky to be among those putting Martela on the map here.”

After a long working week Merete likes to head to her nearby mountains. She is a huge fan of nature and she feels that she is her best self when she is on top of a mountain.

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