The activity based office is a flexible model and its features can be viewed from different perspectives in the light of different requirements and needs. The activity based office can be divided into four different areas:


An area for the free flow of ideas.
Meetings, workshops, and other teamwork need their own area. The space, called the Collaboration area, is furnished to nurture creativity and encourage the sharing of ideas. Various table groups and large conference tables, whiteboards, flip charts and touch screens allow for the exchange of materials and ideas between team members. In other words, this is the area where you and your colleagues pass creativity on.

People working together on a project
Wooden chairs on a wooden background


A place for greet and meet? Sweet!
Is it time to get down to business with your colleagues? Communication area supports both planned and spontaneous meetings as well as presentations. Versatile space solutions from soundproofed phone booths and conference rooms to relaxed furniture groups enable different interactions both with colleagues and with customers. The Communication area is located in a place where everyone walks through it every now and then. The central location allows for spontaneous encounters and gives peace to work stations located on the side. Feel the beat, feel the flow, and just communicate.

Chill out

Have a break. Have a chit-chat.
Time to be relaxed, reloaded, and refreshed? In return, hard work requires the opportunity to refresh, rest and gather thoughts in a comfortable environment. The Chill out area is designed as a place where you can take your mind off of work – having a snack, reading a paper, or chitchatting with colleagues. It has pleasant lightning, sound ambience, and comfortable seats. There might be books, magazines, or games as sources of inspiration. In this area, work issues are not discussed. Whenever possible, it is a good idea to place the Chill out area close to a window – calming views can also help you relax after heavy concentration. We believe that it’s important to work hard, but in order to do so you must chill even harder.

Concentration area

Welcome to the sound of nothing.
Sometimes you need absolute silence to be able to concentrate. Then it’s a good idea to retreat to the Concentration area. This area is placed apart from noisy and busy places, such as entrances. Different screens block unwanted noise and offer privacy. If you need to talk to a colleague, then use super small letters. Enjoy this silent area and work hard to the sound of nothing at all.

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